Pool Marvel

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Pool Marvel is a natural enzyme based alternative to traditional pool care.

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Pool Marvel is a natural enzyme based alternative to traditional pool care and provides the following benefits:

• Dramatically reduces pool maintenance.
• Helps to improve water clarity and quality.
• Enhances chemical treatments.
• Helps to maintain pH and alkalinity levels.
• Reduces scum lines, chlorine odours and irritated eyes.
• Improves filtration.
• Just one capful (100 ml or 3.3 ounces) treats up to 20,000 gallons (75,000 litres) of pool water per week.

One bottle of Pool Marvel will treat over 900,000 liters (240,000 gallons) of pool water.

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Directions for use:

  • One capful (3.3oz) treats up to 20,000 US gallons of pool water per week.
  • Mix the required amount in a bucket of pool water and disperse the mixture evenly around the pool.
  • Monitor the filter pressure 2 hours after application of Pool Marvel.
  • Repeat the application once per week during pool season.
  • Double the dosage amount when closing and opening a pool for the season.
  • Do NOT mix directly with other chemicals.
  • Apply when water temperature is between 54-86 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Use sanitizer as required.

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  1. Carol

    Very natural for your pools.


  2. Arnold Fisher

    I have a chlorine pool surrounded by a lot of trees and algae has always been a problem. I poured 1 cap full of Pool Marvel once a week and algae was not present. If I forget to apply the product, algae starts to grow in about 2 weeks. This product has also eliminated scum lines and the water looks clearer than ever. I will definitely continue to use Pool Marvel.

    Arnold Fisher

  3. Jennifer

    It took a while but I figured out that I was getting chlorine rash because of the time spent in my pool. Thanks to Pool Marvel I can now use my swimming pool without getting swimming pool rash.